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The Pre-Wedding Celebration

South Asian celebrations often take place inside indoor ballrooms due to the guest count and venue size need to host a pre-wedding celebration that will include dancing, food stations, henna artists, and much more. Decor and floral vendors are often tasked with filling a 4000-8000 square feet with lots of color, accents, and details to transform and build an experience. Pre-wedding sets are definitely a favorite for us as we love working with color, details, and themes. Ideas are endless , and we love when couples are open to new displays. Event cuisine is always considered when building a cohesive theme as guests are moving around and mingling about the ballroom as they enjoy small bites and stop for pictures in one of many display stations. We primarily set pre-wedding displays in the Philadelphia region when we started back in 2011 and were still building our inventory. One of our first detailed displays included a 12' tall mountain of hay bales stacked outside the Greenwich Hyatt ballroom. Looking forward to working with some wonderful new couples in 2022!

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