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Bengali Bride and Indian Wedding Decor at The Lucien's in Berlin, NJ

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Lucien's in Berlin, NJ is another one of the most beautiful family owned venues in our area. Italian marble, luxury chandeliers, and ornate details, can make Indian wedding decoration challenging. The bride and groom did so much work to select this venue, we really don't want to take away from it. Some ballrooms are certainly more grand than the others. If the ceremony is happening in the renovated space or outdoors, then the bride and groom has more flexibility with selecting a mandap design. I almost prefer the bride and groom to keep the ceremony at a different location and keep the grand ballroom as a suprise. I love that Lucien's NJ has beautiful led lighting built in. We selected a bold red for this event. Event lighting is a major must for any type of Indian wedding celebration, especially at the beautiful Lucien's. The guest round tables can comfortably fit about 10-12 guests each, a grander centerpiece is suggested, depending on how dinner is served

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