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Design & Operations



From the initial planning stages to the final touches, Israel, Jeff, and Tina work cohesively to bring the envisioned designs to life. Their dedication to ensuring that no detail is overlooked ensures that every event is executed flawlessly, leaving a lasting impression on the clients and their guests.





Event Production

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Nisha & Smita

Nisha and Smita are the mother-daughter duo behind Lax States Floral and Decor. They recognized a significant void in the South Asian event industry for attention to detail with the utilization of premium materials. They have over 10 years of extensive expertise in textiles, fresh flowers, art direction, and design. 



Valery's expertise lies in creating stunning floral arrangements that complement and enhance the overall decor of an event. She has a deep understanding of various flower types, their seasonal availability, and how to combine them to create visually appealing compositions.



Gina's meticulous organization and attention to detail help ensure that no client request is ever missed or overlooked. She keeps track of the progress of each event, ensuring that deadlines are met, and that the design team has all the necessary information and materials to execute the event flawlessly.

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