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There are so many moving parts to any wedding, let alone an Indian wedding. Between the timing, events, food, and dancing there is just so much to keep track of. On your special day you want both you and your family to be able to relax and not think about the logistics happening behind the veiled curtain. Trust the services of an Indian wedding planner to make sure the details are covered so that you can relax and enjoy your day. An Indian wedding planner has experience decorating for an Indian wedding. The planner will know exactly what needs done to ensure you, your family, and your friends all have the time of their lives at the most memorable wedding. Create lasting memories with friends and family, and avoid the stress of trying to plan such a momentous event yourself.

Based out of New Jersey, our team at Lax States is happy to help with your Indian wedding. We have the ability to travel to several states in the area, including Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New York. We can help in all major cities, and are the most popular Indian wedding decorator in Philadelphia. We understand there is a need to find a specific Indian planner and decorator in this area and we are here to help. As the premier Indian wedding decorator in Philadelphia we take pride in the details. We understand that this is the day for tradition to meet modernity, as you begin a new chapter of life together. We are able to seamlessly incorporate modern elements into your decorations through our staging, design, and fresh flowers. Trust the team at Lax States with your wedding. We will certainly make your wedding an event people will talk about for years to come.

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