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We notice the difference between clients who use event planners for indian weddings and those who do not, there is a huge difference. Not to mention so many last minute requests that always happen the day of the event. Some examples on our end as a decor vendor include, a station not being setup for us to complete our work, the stage size setup incorrectly, the floorplan is not setup correctly to plan, the guests are having difficulty with finding their seats. There is a vast different between events with an event planner and those without. Even leading up to the event, 

More of our clients are now booking event planners to work directly with vendors. They have regular knowledge of areas around an event, and know what the inner workings of the details surrounding South Asian Weddings and Indian Hindu ceremonies. Many fusion weddings in Philadelphia, Pa and South Jersey can take place at different times in the same day at different venues, creating a very long day, and multiple changes and shifting throughout the day. Clients often requests fresh flowers be moved from the Church ceremony decor and re-purposed for the Hindu Ceremony Mandap or Indian wedding Reception, wedding planners assist in bringing these elements over and maximizing your value with rentals and fresh flowers, along with maximizing your timeline for the day which is the greatest investment.

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