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The Mandap is where all eyes are focused during the ceremony and arguably one of the most important elements of the ceremony, decoration, and design for the overall wedding. It makes sense to rent a Mandap for your wedding, since you will only need to use the canopy once. The team at Lax States is happy to offer the most extensive Mandap rental Philadelphia offers. Talk to one of our professionals about including a Mandap rental in your decorations and design package. We are able to make suggestions so that we are able to find the right Mandap to match your overall theme and style. While all eyes will be on you for your special day, the Mandap will appear in so many of your events and photographs, it makes sense to to find something that matches your style and decor.

To help accentuate the Mandap and to really make your entire wedding special fresh flowers are absolutely necessary. At Lax States, we are happy to offer some of the most extensive, elaborate, and beautiful flowers. As an Indian wedding florist, we know just how much fresh flowers are able to add to your event. We are able to include flowers in all aspects of your design ranging from the Mandap decoration, to aisle runners, to flowers at each table. It can be difficult to find an Indian wedding florist who truly understands how to use flowers as a tool to accentuate your overall theme. We have years of experience working flowers into the wedding day to enhance the beauty of the day.

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